Screw Pump

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Applications of screw Pumps

Screw pumps are delegated positive, consistent uprooting rotating siphons. The one screw siphon is called as progressive cavity pumps. By a wide margin, the biggest utilization of screw pumps is of the three-screw kind. This pumps comprise basically of three inter meshing helical string screws housed inside a chamber with a channel and outlet.

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Self Priming
Non – Clogging
Positive relocation
Pulsation free conveyance
Temperature up to 200ºc
Stream rate corresponding to siphon speed
Pumping bearing reversible
Can deal with high level of solids yield up to 200m3/hr.
Vulcanized stator easy to be changed
High protection from wear
Basic development
Simple to destroy and amass
Weight 6 up to 30kg/cm2 even at little amounts or low speed
No valves basic for conveyance.

It has a decent productivity of around 80-85% which relies on the thickness of the fluid and the weight leader of the pump.
It has a stream scope of 10 to 1500 liters/minute.
It has a speed of 750 to 3500 rpm.
It has high suction ability.
It run all around discreetly and dependable and vigorous.
The pump is self-preparing.

Screw pumps find significant applications in hardware grease, fuel-oil transport.
Powering of hydraulic machinery, movement of high temperature and viscous liquid like asphalt and lingering oils in treatment facility.
They discover broad use in boats, commercial vessels and freight ships to deal with greasing up oils and hydraulic fluids.