Chemical Process Pump

We manufacture Centrifugal Pumps for Chemical Process Industries. We offer back-pull out design , End Suction type Centrifugal Pumps. These Centrifugal Process Pumps are widely appreciated for their robust design, energy efficiency and durability. We manufacture these Centrifugal Process Pumps using superior quality raw materials that are procured from the trusted vendors in the market. This Centrifugal Process Pump can be customized according to the specifications of the customers. We offer these at affordable prices in the market.


Application : Transfer of Various Process Liquids / Chemicals
Capacity : 0.50 m3/hr to 150 m3/hr
Head : 100 metres (max)


Pump Casing/ Back plate : SS304 / SS316/ALLOY-20 / HASTE ALLOY-C
Impeller : SS304 / SS316/ALLOY-20 / HASTE ALLOY-C
Shaft-Sleeve : SS304 / SS316/ALLOY-20 / HASTE ALLOY-C
Base plate : M.S

Applications of Chemical Process Pumps

Prakash Process Pump is leading manufacturer of Chemical Process Pump in India. Our chemical pumps are extraordinarily made to guarantee that they can deal with forceful and destructive fluids.

Predominantly chemical pumps are utilized to move fluids starting with one compartment then onto the next holder. We have an enormous scope of chemical pumps according to the concoction properties with various practical standards. We are notable for manufacturing an assortment of concoction pumps for improving the activity and proficiency of procedure frameworks.

Chemical pumps are accessible in SS and CI material, watch that the materials of development are perfect with the particular concoction structure of the liquid being taken care of. Rely upon the applications like some Chemical pumps required in less destructive fluid and at times fluids are increasingly forceful and risky so it is our obligation to remember your application as first need while building a pumps.

Create higher weight
Strong development
High Efficiency
Low upkeep
Ready to keep running at lower engine speed

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