Progressive Cavity Pump

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Applications of Progressive Cavity Pumps

Prakash Process Pump is one of the leading manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps in India, giving and creating pumping answer for conveying low to profoundly thick, forceful and rough media. We guarantees best execution with negligible upkeep, low wear and Tear turning parts and longer existence of pump.

A progressing cavity (PC) pump, or a single screw pump, is a positive displacement pump, implying that a fixed volume is uprooted with every upset. We are an advancing unique endeavor, and have effectively settled ourselves as a presumed brand in the Indian market just as universally, with a few delegates over the globe.

Progressive cavity pumps can be utilized in little distance across boreholes. The pump has a rotor made to a high completion embedded into an elastic twofold helix stator. When the rotor is transformed the water will pushed upwards and released into the rising primary.

Progressive cavity pumps should be driven at a moderately rapid; along these lines, hand pumps are regularly fitted with a gearbox. This makes this kind of pump moderately muddled and expensive

Higher productivity 55 to 70%.
Lower cost than others
Basic development
A few kinds are retrievable with rods/poles.

High-consistency oil wells
High-sand-cut wells
Low-profitability wells
Gassy wells
Directional-and flat well applications