WELCOME TO Prakash Process Pumps -AN ISO:9001:2008 Certified Company.

Prakash Process Pumps is a Chennai based Company incorporated in 1991 with the sole object to manufacture High Quality Progressive Cavity Pumps, Screw Pumps, Sludge Pump, Food Grade Pumps and Centrifugal Process Pumps to meet growing demand of the same. Due to Constant Quality of Prakash Process Pumps and Pumping Specialties made the same very popular for almost all Industrial application. Today it is a established Brand in Pump Market.Since our inception we have manufactured pumps for diverse applications. Prakash Process Pumps are manufactured by using quality Raw Material and latest Technology. we are having a team of experienced personnel who are directly monitoring the quality control and carefully checking all parameters before the product is roll out for dispatch to customer. These Pumps are giving trouble free working results.

Our Screw Pump Manufacturers Products

We offer to our customers a wide scope of Screw Pump. Our items are exceedingly productive, free from clamor and devour less power and oblige the requirements of different enterprises. The Pump is self preparing and non stopping up with positive removal capacities.

Progressive Cavity Pumps are known for their capacity to deal with troublesome fluids containing solids and exceptionally thick liquids.The Progressive Cavity Pumps utilizes a solitary strung screw or rotor turning to move fluid through the pump.

Centrifugal Pumps are one of a kind and critical individuals from the mechanical world. The reason for an outward Pump is to move liquid in a controllable manner by drawing in the liquid with solid rotational dynamic vitality.

We offer a wide gathering of such devices to meet the desires for our regarded clients. Quality involves worry with us and consequently we utilize top class crude material to make these pumps.This pump is accessible in various power details according to customer's needs.

A wide and adaptable classification of Pumps utilized in various businesses. They are commonly viewed as a stationary, mechanical pump intended for an explicit modern process.Process pumps might be outward Pumps or positive removal Pumps.

We are well known among our clients as a dependable producer and provider of Solvent Pump. Dissolvable Pump is of level kind and is coordinated with suctions and release sections. It's rock solid metal rollers are creative to move the pushed load toward any path.

We are prime make in furnishing wide scope of Polypropylene Pump with premium quality in India. These items are made utilizing best quality crude material and they offered in all sizes according to customer requirement.

Screw Pumps offer the most astounding stream rate of positive dislodging siphons which settles on them an incredible decision for the individuals who work with difficult to move fluids and need to move them as fast as could reasonably be expected.