WELCOME TO Prakash Process Pumps -AN ISO:9001:2008 Certified Company.

Prakash Process Pumps is a Chennai based Company incorporated in 1991 with the sole object to manufacture High Quality Progressive Cavity Pumps, Screw Pumps, Sludge Pump, Food Grade Pumps and Centrifugal Process Pumps to meet growing demand of the same. Due to Constant Quality of Prakash Process Pumps and Pumping Specialties made the same very popular for almost all Industrial application. Today it is a established Brand in Pump Market.Since our inception we have manufactured pumps for diverse applications. Prakash Process Pumps are manufactured by using quality Raw Material and latest Technology. we are having a team of experienced personnel who are directly monitoring the quality control and carefully checking all parameters before the product is roll out for dispatch to customer. These Pumps are giving trouble free working results.

Our Screw Pump Manufacturers Products

A screw pump is a positive-dislodging pump that utilization one or a few screws to move liquids or solids along the screw hub. A solitary tighten pivots a barrel shaped hole, in this way moving the material along the screw's spindle.

Progressive Cavity Pump are a piece of the positive dislodging family. Positive dislodging siphons are portrayed by a task that moves liquid by catching a settled volume and driving that caught liquid into the release pipe.

Centrifugal Pumps has been planned extraordinarily for use in the nourishment, dairy, refreshment and light synthetic enterprises. Centrifugal Pumps including multi-arrange structures and those for high bay weight,can deal with most low thickness applications.

Screw pumps are utilized to pump fluids having different viscosities, gases, vapors and their mixtures.Screw pumps are broadly utilized in waste treatment,tobacco industry,paper industry, metalworking and substance industry.

process pumps meet recognizing designers' necessities for powerful and pollution free execution under the most difficult and destructive conditions. We make strong, particular pumps for standard or unsafe mechanical applications.

Solvent Transfer Pump is developed of high thickness polyethylene parts making it a reasonable exchange siphon for most solvents, alcohols or soluble bases.These Pumps are generally refreshing for their vigorous structure and solidness.

Polypropylene Pumps are accessible in different determinations to oblige various necessities of these industries.These are impervious to erosion, strong and discover application in pharmaceutical and paper and mash businesses.

Screw Pumps comprise of Screw like rotor which spins in twofold strung stator of versatile electro metric material. While in activity rotor pivots inside the stator making pit continuously from the suction to release end with a fixing line among suction and release.